Open An Account With Us

M&L Taxis have a long history of providing account facilities for businesses, as well as local authorities, schools and trusts

Once an account has been opened with M&L Taxis, it’s an ideal facility through which to organise all your travel needs without the worry of paying cash at the time of travel.

Employees, clients and/or your guests can enjoy the flexibility that an account offers as taxis can be ordered when required simply by calling 01638 712261 and quoting your account details.



For your meetings, lunches, entertaining, transport and transfer to hotels or airport/train/coach connections this service can be an efficient aid to any business or organisation.

The details of each journey undertaken, as well as the above charges, are outlined on a monthly invoice, sent out in the first few days of each month, so that you can keep a track of your account spend.

We currently supply services to many business and local authority customers and our company base is continually growing due to the high levels of customer service and reliability that we provide.


For further information on opening a company account with M&L Taxis please contact us by calling 01638 712261 or email us.

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